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Fender Japan 1985/86 Telecaster TLAC-100 – 3-Tone Sunburst – $1,800

Fender Japan 1985/86 Telecaster TLAC-100 – 3-Tone Sunburst. Excellent condition.

Built at the FujiGen plant in Japan between 1985-1986, this burst Fender Telecaster TLAC-100 combines eclectic features to make a strikingly versatile, beautiful guitar. Originally built as a variation of the Japan-built HMT (Heavy Metal Tele), this has a more traditional Tele neck and headstock, Mahogany body with bound Spruce top, Rosewood fretboard and bridge, and Thinline-style semi-hollowbody construction. Its electronic complement includes a USA-made Lace Silver magnetic pickup in the neck position, a piezo pickup under the bridge saddle, volume, TBX tone, and neck/piezo balance controls with an active mixing circuit. Despite having been in production in Japan for nearly a decade, very few TLAC models made it to the States, and even fewer have survived, making this one of the rarest and most unique Telecasters you can find.

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