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Novo Guitars Custom Serus – Mermaid Sparkle – $8,250

Novo Guitars Custom Serus – Mermaid Sparkle! Excellent condition.

This is a custom spec’ed Novo guitar. I imported 2 Novo Customs and they are both outstanding guitars. I have decided to sell this one and keep the other (a Miris).

  • Made in Nashville, USA in 2019.
  • Tempered Pine body
  • Mermaid Sparkle metallic nitro finish
  • Medium ageing
  • Gold Plexi pickguard
  • Tempered maple neck
  • Medium ‘C’ neck (.830”-.920”)
  • Rosewood fingerboard with MOTO blocks and binding
  • 24.75” scale
  • ThroBak MXV Maximum Vintage humbuckers
  • Schroeder bridge
  • 3 way pickup selector, volume, tone

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