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Fender 2019 Limited Edition Two-Tone Telecaster – Daphne Blue/White – $3,999

Fender Limited Edition Two-Tone Telecaster – Daphne Blue/White. Semi-hollow Alder body with Ebony fretboard. 

Bold colours and bold tones, this Tele surely stands out from the crowd. This limited edition Telecaster Thinline comes in a unique two-tone finish with the lush Daphne Blue top contrasting with the crisp white back and sides. This guitar doesn’t just look good, it sounds great too. Loaded with two Fender Custom Shop Hand-Wound ’51 Nocaster pickups you can really nail those vintage smooth and twangy tones. 

The semi-hollow “Thinline” body on this guitar sets it apart from a traditional Telecaster. With a semi-hollow guitar you get a warmer tone with more natural resonance. This puts an interesting twist on the classic Telecaster sounds that you wouldn’t be able to get out of the solidbody version. It can make your clean jazz, country and blues tones sound more rounded and full and when it comes to overdriven rock tones the semi-hollow construction will really help those powerful chords ring. 

The maple neck has a satin urethane finish on the back which allows your hand to run smoothly up and down the neck even if your palms get sweaty. The 9.5″ radius ebony fingerboard provides a smooth, natural-feeling fretting surface that’s comfortable for chords and solos alike. 

This guitar features two Fender Custom Shop Hand-Wound ’51 Nocaster pickups in the neck and bridge to give you all the iconic Telecaster tone you could need. Fender went right back to the beginning for the inspiration for these pickups – the 1951 Nocaster, one of the earliest iterations of the Telecaster. These period-correct pickups recreate the warmth of a vintage Tele pickup whilst retaining that bright, clear, twangy tone that makes the Telecaster so beloved.

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