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Gibson 2017 Custom Shop CS-336 Ltd Run – TV Yellow (used) – $5,983

This lightly played Gibson Custom Shop CS 336 Mahogany is in excellent condition. In 2017, the Gibson Custom Shop released a series of guitars to celebrate the 50’s Les Paul Special. They decided to also do one in an “ES” format in a limited edition of 50 in each colour. The CS (Custom Shop) 336 has a unique build being one piece of mahogany hollowed out into a small ES design with centre block and a carved mahogany top. With it’s custom P 90’s and 50’s replica wraparound bridge, it is designed to have the same tonal qualities as the 50’s Les Paul Special but without the weight.  

RRP $7999 

If you love the singing sustain of a Les Paul and the airy chime of an ES-330, the Gibson Custom CS-336 Mahogany semi-hollowbody electric guitar is a fabulous fit. You’ll love the way your playing resonates through the hollow airspace in this guitar’s carved-out mahogany body. Gibson’s Custom Shop P-90 single-coils enhance your tone with the grunt and chime they’re famous for. And this semi-hollowbody’s arched mahogany top conceals a solid center block that provides massive sustain and fights unwanted feedback. The Gibson Custom CS-336 Mahogany is a streamlined yet elegant performer. 

Warm, creamy, shiny, and full of life, the Custom P-90s in this CS-336 Mahogany semi-hollowbody electric guitar capture the very essence of the classic pre-PAF P-90.  

Gibson Custom designed the CS-336 Mahogany to have a similar tonal appeal as the ES-330, but with a smaller mahogany body that enhances sustain. You’ll love the tonal complexity provided by the semi-hollow body, and you’ll especially appreciate the resistance to feedback. And the mahogany and rosewood neck will immediately feel comfortable and familiar to any fan of Gibson electric guitars.  
Includes: Black Custom Case, Certificate of Authenticity

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