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Gretsch 2019 White Falcon Players Edition G6136T – $7,299

Brand new Gretsch G6136T White Falcon Players Edition. Unplayed, still in a box. 

Hollow thinline Gretsch White Falcon 
Comfortable 2.25″ body depth 
Same sound and sustain as the original 
Gretsch Filter’Tron humbuckers deliver classic bark and bite 
No-load pots are bypassed when run full out 
Ebony fretboard with 12″ radius plays fast and smooth 
String-through Bigsby B6GP vibrato adds expressive textures 
Grover Imperial locking tuners 

This Falcon sounds just like the full-bodied classic you love, but has a slimmer, lighter, more comfortable depth. Modern features like no-load tone pots and locking tuners offer great versatility onstage and in the studio. And the Gretsch Players Edition White Falcon’s striking appearance, distinctive Filter’Tron humbucker tone, and haunting Bigsby vibrato make the G6136T Players Edition White Falcon a staple for rockabilly twang and classic rock ‘n’ roll bite. 

The G6136T Players Edition White Falcon boasts Gretsch’s ML bracing to give the guitar the same full-bodied howl and bark as the original White Falcon in a more compact design that’s perfect for playing onstage.  
Guitarists who avoid a buffered-bypass pedal or cables over 15 feet long will love Gretsch’s new no-load tone pots. The pots’ design allows them to be completely bypassed from your G6136T’s circuit when run wide open. You’ll notice a stronger signal with more high-end clarity. And these tone pots use Gretsch’s Squeezebox paper-in-oil capacitors for a wider tonal landscape between settings 0 and 10 that’s easy to fine-tune with a roll of the knob. 

The Bigsby B6GP on the Players Edition White Falcon boasts a string-through design that makes restringing your G6136T a piece of cake. And the pinned rocking bar bridge and GraphTech Tusq XL nut keep the guitar in tune under heavy vibrato workouts.

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