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Gibson 2019 Les Paul 60th Anniversary 1959 Reissue – Slow Ice Tea Fade – $10,999

Brand new, Gibson 2019 Les Paul Standard Historic 1959 Reissue, 60th Anniversary, VOS – Slow Ice Tea Fade Quilt. Just unboxed. Hand picked maple top. Powered by Custom Buckers. 

Dream guitar, investment potential. 

The Most Desirable Guitar Ever Made Celebrates Its 60th Anniversary.

Gibson Custom Shop is the pinnacle of craftsmanship, quality, and sound excellence, celebrating Gibson’s legacy through accuracy, authenticity and attention to detail

RRP $11,999

No specific Gibson model carries more intrigue and gravitas than the 1959 Les Paul Standard. While it became the most iconic guitar in history, it wasn’t a successful model when it was released (under 650 were made). Before long it was adopted by some of the world’s greatest guitarists — Jimmy Page, Keith Richards, Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, Duane Allman, Mike Bloomfield, Billy Gibbons, Joe Perry and Slash.

From its beautiful figured maple top to its extreme sonic versatility. “It has a deep, powerful sound and you can use it to imitate just about anything – violin, sax, cello, even a sitar.

All these reasons and more made the 1959 Les Paul Standard the most coveted and legendary guitar on the planet, shaping sounds across music genres and generations. The 60th Anniversary 1959 Les Paul Standard is not just a tribute to those priceless original models — it’s a clone of them. From laser-scanned dimensions to chemically-recreated plastics to color-matched shades of sunburst, every element has been rendered in unbelievable detail. It represents the culmination of decades of work by Custom Shop’s expert team — a tireless quest to achieve accuracy and authenticity. It’s the definition of cool, and it’s the best representation of the 1959 Les Paul Standard since the Gibson Custom Shop began making Historic Reissues over twenty-five years ago

60th Anniversary Switchplate Medallion, 60th Anniversary Certificate of Authenticity Booklet, Historic Reissue Hang Tags.

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