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Two Rock Sensor 35w Combo – $5,599

Made in USA for NZ Power source.  

TWO ROCK is renowned for that thick, rich tone.  

TWO ROCK Sensor 35w Combo is focused on the growing number of players who use effects. It provides Two-Rock’s acclaimed cleans, mixes a tighter, more aggressive overdrive channel, and adds a fully buffered tube effects loop that brings out the best in effects, including leading edge time-based effects. It also features cascading gain stages, independent contour controls, foot switchable expansion control, and a new, medium-sized chassis. 6L6 power tubes. Sensor combos come with an 8 OHM G12H 75w Celestion Creamback speaker.  

Output Power: 35W  
Tubes: 6L6  

Features: Two Channel (Clean and Lead) with cascading gain stages, Independent Clean and Lead channel Contour controls, Expansion control – foot switchable, Fully buffered tube effects loop with Send and Return controls and a switch for Series or Parallel loop function, 4, 8, and 16 OHM speaker outputs  

Speakers: 1×12 – Celestion Creamback G12H-75  
Weight: 22kgs  

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